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5th Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show

5th Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show

03:30 AM

Hosted by Rob 'The Satanic Machanic' Savoia Because It's Never too late While driving home during a rain filled night straight-laced, newly-engaged lovebirds Brad and Janet, by chance, end up at the castle of one Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his strange and bizarre entourage to find that he's having a party. This is no ordinary party and no ordinary night. This is the unveiling of the Dr's latest creation: Rocky; A man-made Adonis that will give...absolute pleasure. This is an exceedingly grand visual and musical camp satire of the golden days of the B-movie horror and science-fiction genres. Projected along with a musical soundtrack to give "audience participation" a new meaning. Come dressed to impress as your favorite Rocky Horror character Arrive at 11:00pm to get into character and the show will begin at midnight The Sparrow Staff will help to lead the bar in audience participation but encourage all patrons to feel free to take the lead. Though there will be no shadow cast performance we will let all participants take the stage at any time. . Check out the film's official fan site,, for costume inspiration, Time Warp dance moves, and other thrilling trivia tidbits about this riotous farce! PLEASE NOTE: While we encourage everyone to bring props and have a fabulous time, please respect our venue and patrons and refrain from throwing anything at the screen or performers

Monday, October 29, 2018

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