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A Panel on The Best Damn Answers to Life's Hardest Questions

A Panel on The Best Damn Answers to Life's Hardest Questions

12:00 AM

Join us on Tuesday Jan 15th for a panel on Tess Koman’s The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions. Going through the day-to-day motions of adulthood can feel like a never-ending ride full of bumps, twists, and turns. Having a social life can be a chore, brunch is A Whole Thing, and more often than not, the only relationship worth maintaining is the one that provides unlimited access to Netflix. Simply put, life as a millennial can be hard. Tess Will be joined by Gena Kaufman, the director of Social Media for Vogue Magazine, V Brown, writer and manager of Y7 Studio, and Carina Hsieh, sex and relationship editor at

In The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions: A Flowchart Book author Tess Koman, features editor at and Instagram Stories addict, and illustrator Katie Vernon team up to deliver snarky Magic 8 ball responses to all the daily dilemmas that make up millennial adulthood.

A humorous guide to adulthood in a collection of 54 charmingly illustrated flowcharts and pros-and-cons lists that each address an all-too-real question, from the mundane to the life-changing. Will I survive this hangover? (Probably not.) Should I cancel my plans? (YES! Cancel immediately.) Am I having a quarter-life crisis? (Probably.) Do I even like this person? (Nope, nope, nope.) This inspired book of humor disguised as invaluable advice is a gift to make anyone feel better, proving that every question, thought, and decision, no matter how ridiculous or irresponsible, is completely valid.

Tess Koman is the features editor at and the former web editor at Her work has appeared on,, and This is her first book.

V Brown is an all-around fitness enthusiast from managing one of Y7’s yoga studio and to teaching aqua cycle at Aqua studio and personal training out of Blink gym. Any given day you can find her hanging out with her cats and binge-watching Food Network with a whole bottle of wine.

Carina Hsieh (pronounced 'Shay') is a writer and comedian. She's a sex and relationships editor at Cosmopolitan and her work has also appeared in The New Yorker, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Esquire, among others. You might also recognize her from her Commuter Barbie video a few years ago. She lives in Brooklyn with her French Bulldog, Bao Bao.

Gena Kaufman is a former lawyer, current social media director at Vogue, and an unapologetic Kardashian enthusiast. She has never met an Instagram wall she didn’t like.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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